With Dealfair®, you can start your own franchise, just like Hannah!! 

Dealfair® A real-life marketplace monopoly app!

Earn as much as you put in! Who said you can't change your destiny?
Do you want to punch a time clock or build a future?

How do I franchise?

"Oh, the answer is so simple."

1. Apply

Just apply! Not everyone will get the community they want, so apply soon!

2. Use Dealfair®

As a franchisee, you need to use Dealfair to buy and sell. 

3. Invite, share, get out there

Let your friends, family, neighbors, and church members know about Dealfair®! Bring them to your community! 

That's it- apply, use and invite!

Work hard, play hard!

Build your marketplace because "living the dream" is your middle name! Imagine, Cindy LivingTheDream Johnson! 
That sounds so like you! Try it out, say your name: I'm (First Name) "LivingTheDream" (Last Name)! 

Successful Franchisee with Dealfair

Cindy 'LivingTheDream' Johnson helping members of her community on Dealfair. 

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